Bath & Body Treats

Red, White & Blue Foamer $14.95

Foamer Trios $19.95

Lovely scents of the season. One for every sink. Exquisite packaging with matching seals. Made in England with shea butter. Fabulous gift!

Rhubarb & Mint Tea Soap $8.95

Sweet Floral Melody

The perfect gift! Made in England and beautifully packaged with a gold seal. A bouquet of white flowers with tuberose, honey, & coconut smells like a Summer garden. 

Sachets $3.95

Tuck one into a drawer or storage chest. Loop one over a clothes hanger. Add one to a vacuum cleaner bag.

 Bubble Bath $22.95

Our tinted bubble bath comes in a stunning, long-necked glass aperitif bottle fitted with a stopper.

Large Soap $12.95

These substantial bars contain only the finest ingredients - pure vegetable palm oil, glycerin and rich, moisturizing shea butter. Each piece is triple-milled and handmade in Sussex, England. Such painstaking care ensures a product that is thoroughly blended, firm, long-lasting and silky smooth.

Raspberry  $5.95

Brand new scent in our French milled soaps!

Camelia Heart Soap $10.95

This triple milled soap is made in France and comes packaged in a cello bag. Great gift!

Amore Blackberry Soap $11.95

Made in Italy with shea butter and Italian olive oil. Smells divine!

French Soaps $5.95

Triple milled, made in France, with the finest ingredients. Each bar is individually wrapped.


Rosemary Mint, Sage, Lavender, Lemongrass, Juicy Pomegranite, Coconut, White Gardenia, Milk, & more!

The Queens Honey $6.95